Animal feed

Full traceability - a key element in the animal feed industry

Daniit's competencies in weighing and dosing processes have been in demand in the animal feed industry for many years. This has helped us gain a unique knowledge of agricultural feed, pet food and aquatic food. Documentation and traceability are key elements in the animal feed industry. We have developed a strong concept which allows us to always be up-to-date on legislative and market requirements. Thereby, our customers have an optimum basis for meeting the requirements of the Danish Plant Directorate forming part of the executive orders on registration and approval of in-house controls.

Open standards - smooth data exchange

DaniitFCS (Feed Control System) is a PLC/PC-based control system in which the PC unit is based on the Windows XP platform operating in a client-server network with an Oracle database. This design assures smooth data exchange with other systems, such as applications for recipe optimisation and administrative systems. Comprehensive data collection ensures the gathering of a complete product history and thereby forms the basis of full traceability - from raw material intake over animal feed production to load-out of the finished material.

Daniit's control solutions are extendable as and when the need arises

FCS is a flexible, modular control system that can be adapted and used in all types of animal feed production. The modules may be combined to form an individual solution, and control and data collection modules may be added as and when the need arises. This makes good economical sense.

FCS builds around three basic modules:

  • Intake
  • Production
  • Load-out

Available optionals to the production module:

  • Cross-contamination
  • Recipe import
  • Manually operated hand tip
  • Environmental accounting
  • Energy accounting
  • Communication with standard controls.The overall control communicates recipe values to sub-controls comprised in the individual production flow machines and Daniit handles the overall recipe management and consumption reporting of the entire plant. Our system communicates, for example, with the following units:
    • Pellet press
    • Extruder
    • Coater
    • Vacuum coater
    • Data exchange with administrative systems

Daniit has supplied a long list of animal feed manufacturers: Daniit collaborates amongst others with Andritz Feed & Biofuel which supplies plants for animal feed manufacturers all over the world. The following manufacturers have chosen Daniit control solutions:

  • Agrobueyca, Venezuela
  • Alejsk Zernoprodukt, Rusland
  • Aller Aqua
  • Arovit Petfood
  • Bacutil, Polen
  • BioMar
  • Brødr. Ewers
  • Danmarks Jordbrugsforskning
  • Eko-Mlyn, Polen
  • Eskelund
  • Gatchinsky, Rusland
  • H.C. Handelscenter
  • Hedegaard Agro
  • Hupp Grodków, Polen
  • Kilic Yem, Tyrkiet
  • Kormotech PetFood, Ukraine
  • Melkombinat, Rusland
  • Mironovsky, Ukraine
  • N.A.G. Helsinge 
  • Provimi Azov, Rusland
  • Sydvestjysk Andel
  • Vindija Foods-Koka, Kroatien
  • VPG - Vital Petfood Group
  • Wytwornia Pasz, Polen
  • CPF
  • DLG
  • Danish Agro
  • Lifland, Island
  • Salmofood, Chile


Full traceability

Brdr. Ewers, Aabenraa:

Daniit's control concept ensures full production traceability and provides us with the foundation necessary to obtain approval of in-house control procedures