Inspiring challenges in a good working environment

Daniit is a company that lives by developing the right solutions, and we consider our employees our most important asset. Therefore, providing a good working environment both professionally and personally is a high priority at Daniit. At the professional level, this means being faced with challenging and exiting work assignments. At the personal level, it implies creating a good working environment and maintaining an open organisation with a high degree of employee participation. We also attach great importance to ensuring a high level of information in respect of the company's order books, budgets and results.

The organisation is characterised by an informal tone and a good social environment in which qualified employees create an inspiring working environment. Most work assignments are solved in project groups with group members being responsible for sales, technical issues, finances and time schedule issues.

We reward flexibility, commitment and will to achieve the results defined.

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Most important ressource

Our staff is our most important asset. Therefore, creating challenging and exiting jobs in an inspiring and informal working environment is a top priority at Daniit.