WTC for fish farming and water treatment.

Increased focus on water quality of drainage water in industrial as well as municipal sectors is the basis of our latest addition, Water Treatment Control

Owing to overfishing of the oceans and increased demand for fish and shellfish a great need for marine animal farming on dry land has arisen during the past 15-20 years.
This involves new challenges as to how to ensure fit and healthy animals, and what to do with all the waste products, which are a result of land farming. The answer from the industry is land based RAS installations (Recirculated Aqua System) for fish and shellfish farming.
Like cleaning of industrial drainage water, it also applies for RAS installations, that there must be well balanced. So the intake of clean new water is reduced to a minimum. 
In addition, water that is discharged to nature, must be of such a quality, that it does not cause environmental pollution.
Daniit’s control concept WTC, which has been developed together with Denmark’s leading RAS producers, gives the client a complete control solution, which is on the forefront of the requirements in the market and from the authorities. Thus the customers have an optimum basis to document/report, that they observe current environmental requirements.

Open standards – problem-free data exchange

WTC is a PLC/PC based control system, of which the PC part is developed on the Windows 7 platform in a client/server environment and with Oracle as database. This means problem-free data exchange with other systems, e.g. programs for growth rate optimization and administrative systems. The extensive data collection ensures a complete history of the products and thus forms the basis for full traceability – from hatching until the fish are ready to be slaughtered.

The control can be expanded concurrently with your requirements

WTC is a flexible and modularly designed control system, which can be adapted to and used everywhere within fish farming and water treatment. The modules can be combined to an individual solution. The control and data collecting modules can be chosen as the needs occur. This results in good economy. 

WTC consists of three base modules

WTC Basic for cleaning of drainage water – biologically and mechanically
WTC Feed for feeding and generation of standard growth rate
WTC Energy for optimizing of energy consumption

Additional options:

Import of standard growth rate
Light control of standard light systems, like DALI light solutions 
Environmental accounts/reporting 
Energy accounts
Data exchange with administrative systems
Communication with standard controls. The superior control communicates feed 
values to partial controls of the individual production tanks, where we handle the complete production and consumption reporting of the installation.

Daniit has supplied to: 

Daniit is cooperating with several RAS producers, who supply installations for fish faraming worldwide. The following fish producers have installed solutions or part solutions a.o. from Daniit:
  • Icicle Seafood USA
  • Tropenhaus Switzerland 
  • Danish Salmon Denmark 
  • Marine Harvest Canada 
  • Grieg Seafood Norway 
  • Salmar Follafoss, Norge
  • Aller Aqua Büsum, Tyskland
  • Can To Universety Vietnam


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