If weight is of the essence

Since its inception in 1968, Daniit has worked with control solutions for weighing and dosing industries. Today, our customers within the asphalt, concrete and feed industries benefit from this unique pool of expertise.

Daniit's solutions comprise both batch weighing and continuous dosing. We handle the overall control of weighing/dosing and communicate recipe values to separate controls in plants comprising standard machinery. In addition, Daniit control units collect consumption data.

The overall control unit communicates recipe values to sub-controls integrated in individual production flow machines, and we handle the recipe management and consumption reporting functions of the entire plant.

Sophisticated and easy-to-use solutions

Today, heavy demands are made on optimising production flows, minimising resource consumption and documentation of the product being weighed or dosed. These factors make the systems considerably more intricate. At Daniit, we therefore focus on making technologically advanced solutions easy to use.

Interested in establishing a dialogue with Daniit - to our mutual benefit?

We are very interested in establishing a dialogue with companies in other industries, for example food processing, in which our knowledge of weighing and dosing processes could be turned to account. Please direct any inquiries to Brian Kristiansen, Managing Director, at hek@daniit.com or tel. +45 73 42 36 86.



Precise weighing and dosing is an essential element of many companies' and of Daniit's solutions.

The food processing sector is one of the industries that benefit from Daniit's competencies within weighing and dosing with full traceability.