Consultancy and specification

Dialogue and consultancy is the foundation of the entire process

Keeping an open-minded and constructive dialogue from the initial stages of a project is the key to successful control solutions.

The process of coordinating needs, options and expectations often engenders new ideas for optimum solutions. The basis of Daniit's consultancy services is many years experience and expertise within processes and control solutions for a host of industries. However, experience alone is not enough. The speed of technological progress is immense, and we therefore continuously invest resources in keeping up-to-date on retraining, new technologies and the trend in market and legislative requirements. This is our guarantee that we are able to offer our customers the best possible consultancy services.

Detailed specification from the outset is crucial to successful projects

We attach great importance to preparing a detailed specification of the entire project at the initial stage. Achieving our goals in time requires being in control of every sub-element of the process.

Areas in which several players interact require special attention to prevent tasks and responsibilities from "falling between two stools". By putting Daniit in charge of the entire project, the customer has taken a proactive step to ensuring that the project is successfully implemented.

Customer statement

Andritz Feed & Biofuel:

"Daniit's comprehensive application knowledge guarantees a successful project flow and a minimum amount of resources required on our part to explain our needs and requirements"



"Successful project implementation hinges on thorough specification from the outset"