Control solutions

Complete solutions that match even the toughest requirements

At Daniit, we specialise in complete control, regulation and monitoring solutions centering on operational reliability, user and service friendliness and effective data collection. Our extensive experience enables us to comply fully with increasing legislative requirements for data collection and full production flow traceability for the benefit of our customers.

Customisation - a core competency

The range of solutions embraced by Daniit spans small, simple controls to complex, integrated control concepts. Based on many years experience in weighing/dosing, handling and conveying, we provide solutions tailored to customer requirements. We pride ourselves of having comprehensive knowledge of feed production, including agricultural feed, aquatic feed and pet food, and asphalt, concrete, biomass and abattoir production. Extensive knowledge and understanding of specific applications is quite simply a prerequisite if we want to exploit our technological competencies optimally in the control process.

PLC/PC-based control concepts are supplemented by control and heavy current hardware and installations with the aim of providing complete control solutions.


We build on our experience
without resting on our laurels.
Designing competitive
control solutions
for industrial processes requires
constant innovation."