Daniit's basic software modules give us a head start over competition

No two control solutions are alike. However, even unique solutions are to a very large extent built around basic modules which form part of the further development. Accordingly, Daniit's basic modules comprise knowledge gained through many years' experience - across industries and a host of different solutions. This gives Daniit a head start already at the project start-up stage. Many of our competitors build their solutions from scratch. Daniit, however, takes a different approach: We build on a solid base of knowledge and standardised modules and processes for the benefit of our costumers.

Global component supplier and flexible address to service and spare parts

As a matter of principle, Daniit uses only major, well-established component suppliers to assure that our customers are given maximum flexibility in terms of supplier choice and quick access to spare parts all over the world.

Daniit's development department keeps abreast of technological progress

Daniit's development department keeps the organisation up-to-date on technological progress and general market and legislative requirements. The speed of technological progress is immense, and we have made a decision to be at the leading edge of technology. Only by monitoring technological developments closely are we able to benefit fully from the entire range of new opportunities


Group of development


"The development department is responsible for keeping Daniit constantly up-to-date on market and legislative requirements"