Full-service concept

Collaborating with a full-service provider offers clear advantages

Daniit is a full-service provider of control solutions - from the initial specification stage through implementation and staff training. We handle the entire project from planning over design and production to mounting, commissioning and service of the finished control solution. Collaborating with a full-service provider has the following advantages:

  • Quick and flexible project flow
  • Comprehensive knowledge and uncomplicated project management of all products and services
  • Optimization of hardware and software relative to functionality and finished solution
  • Specialist knowledge of all solution components. Partial solutions from several partners may result in critical gaps Products form the basis of the solution

Products form the basis of the solution

Product solutions range from simple, small controls to complex control concepts comprising sophisticated software solutions and PC and PLC system networks. Daniit's product and application knowledge ensures that individual solutions are tailored to the customers' specific needs.

Well-structured project flows - a gain for both parties

Flexible and effective project implementation hinges on thoroughly tested and well-structured phase plans. Such plans generally consist of the following phases:

  • Customer contact and consultancy
  • Analysis and specification
  • Quotation
  • Contract
  • Project planning
  • System design
  • Software- and hardware design
  • Software programming and testing
  • Hardware construction
  • Production
  • System testing
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Taking over
  • Service

Project management

We make sure that your project is safely managed throughout the entire process.


Seminars, with presentation of new functions of our products, can be held worldwide


Training is an important part of a large electrical project.