Industry experience

Control solutions for industry heavyweights

Based on 40 years' experience, Daniit has achieved in-depth knowledge of a number of industries in which weighing/dosing and conveying constitute essential production flow processes.

Application knowledge is the Alpha and Omega

We use our application knowledge to develop optimum process solutions for specific industry areas:

  • Asphalt
  • Animal feed (agricultural feed, aquatic feed and pet food
  • Concrete
  • Fish breeding

Interested in establishing a dialogue with Daniit - to our mutual benefit? We are very interested in establishing dialogue with companies in other industries in which our process competencies can be turned to account. The aim is to create new, mutually beneficial solutions that optimise production flow processes. Biomass is a good example of an area that has grown from our competencies in the animal feed industry

Please direct any inquiries to Henning Kongstad, Managing Director, at or tel. +45 73 42 36 86.



In-depth application knowledge assures optimum solutions.

Animal feed

Operational reliability and traceability are key elements of Daniit's solutions.