Effective production and delivery reliability - we get a taste of our own medicine

Specialising in control processes, tight control forms a natural part of Daniit's own production management. Our production is subjected to rigid testing procedures to prevent assembly errors. Moreover, our ISO 9001 certification enables us to guarantee very uniform qualities.

Global service - and internal employee development

Daniit's automation mechanics and electricians on the production floor are continuously kept up-to-date on standards and rules applicable to controls and heavy current technology. Moreover, our flexible staff is used to travelling around the world on assembly jobs - in other words we provide worldwide service.


Daniit A/S is UL-listed according to UL 508A under file E179413 as a manufacturer of UL- og CSA- electrical panels for the North American market.
UL International Demko makes inspections on ongoing UL-projects.

Process control

"At Daniit, we subject our production to comprehensive efficiency and quality requirements"