Competent project management - from requirements specification to production start-up

A detailed project plan provides a complete overview of the entire project from beginning to end. Daniit has implemented a project phase plan called Q-plan which helps assure:

  • Uniform guidelines and methods
  • Clear project flow and sub-results
  • Timely delivery of the right solution and the right quality

Outline of the main project flow phases:

First, we make sure that the project foundation is in order - in terms of customer requirements and wishes as well as in terms of relevant legislative requirements.

The requirements specification coordinates expectations and options. The dialogue between Daniit and the customer at this stage often engenders new ideas and solutions which are then incorporated in the project.

On the basis of the requirements specification and the subsequent design phase, software coding and testing is carried out concurrently with hardware construction. This forms the basis of production.

Following hardware testing, software and hardware are coupled, and the finished control is then tested. Finally, an evaluation of the product's quality is carried out. In-house software and hardware testing is clearly more economical than post-delivery testing and adjustments.

At Daniit, we give particular priority to the training of operators prior to commissioning of any given system. Such training courses - typically held at Daniit's premises - facilitate commissioning significantly.

Project delivery is not effected until the control operates smoothly

At Daniit, we do not consider a project delivered, until the customer is able to run production batches in the right quantity and quality.

Well begun

Well begun is half done - not least when it comes to developing and implementing major control solutions.


Each software and hardware component is tested prior to mounting to ensure smooth implementation.