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Years of passion and experience, is what we are ALL about!

Daniit is a medium-size automation technology company, developing and implementing advanced automation solutions within control, regulation, monitoring and data collection.

Our four (4) main business areas are:

  • Feed
  • Aqua
  • Asphalt
  • Concrete

It is within this context, that we know what building, running and maintaining a process plant means, and takes – typically involving a large number of functions that interact with each other. Misidentifcation and/or incorrect deliveries cause delays in any step of the manufacturing process and increases costs for everyone.

This is also why our greatest asset is our structured way of driving both small as well as large-scale electrical engineering projects ranging from Greenfield to Retrofit as well as simple operational adjustments. Daniit is able to handle your entire project from planning, through design and production, to installation, commissioning and service of the finished system, among other things entailing:

  • Quick and flexible project flow – effective project implementation hinges on thoroughly tested and well-structured phase plans
  • Comprehensive knowledge and project management of all products and services
  • Optimization of hardware and software in terms of functionality and the overall solution
  • Specialist knowledge of all solution components – partial solutions from multiple suppliers may result in critical omissions
  • Products form the basis of the solution

Product solutions range from the simple and small to complex control concepts including sophisticated software solutions, PC and PLC system networks. Our product and application knowledge ensures that competitive solutions are developed based on customer-specifc needs. To this end, quality is central to everything we do. We have a systematic approach to quality, meaning that our processes are ISO 9001:2008 compliant.

With our solid industry experience, deep technical knowhow and detailed understanding of complex manufacturing processes, we are able to understand and solve your specifc challenges, and thereby help to develop and implement innovative and reliable automation technology solutions


To deliver differentiated, innovative and reliable automation technology solutions for domestic as well as foreign niche markets.


To be a customer centric, performance- and technologydriven project company within automation technology