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Daniit RAS Project Norway

Electrical Field Installation Services

Daniit is specialized in creating final electrical installations for automation equipment and machine installations. We are qualified to manage many types of electrical installations.

As an innovative and result driven electrical engineering company, we ALWAYS strive to deliver the highest quality services to our customers

  • Generator systems and Main Distribution Boards (MDB)/switch gears
  • Design and Supply of installation materials
  • Installation and Commission
  • Upgrade of Existing Electrical Systems
  • Electrical Consulting

Daniit is characterized by a professional approach to every installation task and coordination during the design, planning and installation phases. We accompany our customers throughout the whole project i.e. from consultancy and design until onsite installation and quality control processes.

Daniit offers a wide range of electrical services

- which among others include service agreements that support customers to keep costs in connection with operational breakdowns at a minimum. Our service engineers are – through online connections – linked directly to our customers' production control systems. This enables you to carry out the necessary adjustments required online. Our service engineers also provide customers with online user guidance, which – among others – include:

  • Operational protection
  • Error detection
  • User problems
  • Component spare parts and/or kits
  • Servicing of PCs and Servers
  • Thermography of electrical panels
  • Test of the equalization system

To this, Daniit offers customers access to, facilitation and consultancy services of our information system ranging from operational (technical) to managerial level within the areas of data extraction, reporting and decision making through our:

  • Daniit Cloud System (DCS)

The DCS system can be utilized within all of our segments i.e. FCS, WTC and ACS. It can be implemented for one or multiple manufacturing lines or sites, and will be customer specific designed depending on individual needs and purposes.