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Electrical Panels in the highest quality, built in our own workshop

Project-based boards are often considered to be very complex and difficult to break down.
At Daniit, we recognize the importance of ongoing dialogue, where we typically get involved as advisors in the design phase from the very beginning of the project.
Through the dialogue, we ensure that the design meets the required standards and functionality.


  • Construction
  • Documentation
  • Up to 2,500 Amps
  • UL approved for US markets
  • CE approved
  • Customer-specified project boards
  • Design with latest tools
  • Quality components
  • PLC independent

Daniit offers customer-specific and autogenerated reports and visualize these in a Cloud solution, with data for e.g. raw material and waste consumption, reorder levels, etc

“There are several of our customers who praise our (your) documentation and what you deliver. Centrum Pæle has i.a. mentioned that it was easy to find things - contactors e.g. is marked, PLC slaves assembled on a DIN rail and much more ”.

Jørgen Jensen, electrical engineer Skako Concrete A / S