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Feed Control System (FCS)

Feed safety is guaranteed through sophisticated batch handling through the entire manufacturing process, from intake of raw materials to bulk- and outloading.

The Daniit FCS process control and traceability system comprises of advanced features for accurate and fast dosing and weighing with a high degree of repeatability. Comprehensive and detailed documentation is provided through extensive long-term data logging, stored in reliable industrial SQL databases.  

The Daniit FCS is the obvious choice for cost effective operations!

  • Flexible production scheduling
  • Multi level recipes (recipe-in-recipe)/handling of pre-mix recipes imbedded
  • Cross contamination safety check
  • Automatic in-flight adjustment
  • Accurate dosing and repeatability
  • Full “plant-through” traceability on lot numbers
  • Simultaneous weighing on all scales
  • Flexible silo exchange monitoring via RFID (radio) tags
  • Hand additives approval via bar codes
  • Automatic change of dosing silo if empty
  • Comprehensive batch reporting
  • Event and alarm logging
  • Long term production data logging
  • Power consumption per kg calculations
  • User login and configurable user rights
  • Self-service bulk out-loading
  • Multiple monitor (up to 16) user interface
  • Remote login for online service and operation
  • User setup e-mail and SMS messaging

Daniit offers customer-specific and auto-generated reports, based on data obtained from ERP and server systems, and visualize these in a Cloud solution that will give the customer full access to and transparency of their own data i.e. commodity and waste usage, reordering levels etc.

Daniit offers standard controls and test systems

The systems, can work as a stand-alone unit displaying and registering data or be integrated with other standard or Daniit systems such as TOPS pellet mill control and optimization systems, Extruder Control System (XCS), Plant Control System (PCS) or systems in general from other suppliers

Measuring & Test Equipment

  • Daniit Online Quality System (DOQS) is for measuring the quality of pellets using the Pellet Durability Index (PDI) within Animal and Aqua feed as well as Pet food industries, and to measure the level of fines within the process.
  • Daniit Online Density System (DODS) is for measuring the density of pellets within the Pet and Fish food industry.
  • Temperature After Die System (TADS) is for measuring the correct core temperature of the pellets within animal feed as well as to automate the process of collecting and registering production data.

Control Solutions

  • Pelleting Control System (PCS) provides advanced control of the entire pelleting proces, including feeding from multiple prebins through conditioning and mixing, hygenising,single- and double pelleting, expansion and compacting. It can easily be expanded to also include control of single- and multi level pellet coolers. 
  • Extruder Control System (XCS)
  • Coater Control System (CCS)


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